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Wheaton Silo Construction Company

Get a silo that suits your growing Wheaton business production with the help of Direct Steel and Construction!

custom industrial project managementWhen you think about silos, they are usually long, cylindrical buildings where you can store animal feed, hay and grains. Silos are usually painted using plain colors which makes them look very unappealing to many. However, silos can actually be built in different shapes and if you reach out to us, we will show you how your silo can stand out from the rest.

We can design custom silos based on your requirements, style, and budget. You no longer need to get a cylindrical silo for your business when new technologies are now available to improve construction techniques. Businesses can now personalize their facilities and still make sure that they are functional, cost-effective and structurally sound. We can even make large silos depending on your preferences.

Contact our team here at Direct Steel and Construction to find out more about our silo building construction services and other building needs that you can request from us.

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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings


If you need to build your silo building immediately or if you want to save money on materials, you can avail of our pre-engineered steel buildings.

Our pre-engineered steel buildings are made to fit certain specifications, which means we already have ready-to-install parts for certain areas of the building. This guarantees that we will need less time to construct the areas because we can install them immediately on the site. Some of these parts can be modified off-site to reduce the installation time on the site.

Thanks to our attention to detail and our capability to plan your construction, we will be able to reduce the number of materials needed for your project.

Steel structures are also better than other materials because they are durable and resistant to weather, pest and fire damage. You can even recycle the parts if you want to expand your building. With our steel buildings, you will definitely gain a lot of benefits that can help your Wheaton, IL business grow.

Expanding Your Current Facilities

custom commercial industrial building construction

If you are expanding your facilities because the existing structures are no longer capable of meeting your needs, you can reach out to us here at Direct Steel and Construction.

We can review your facilities and customize it to fit your business needs. We can add new facilities such as warehouses, manufacturing spaces or large floor space buildings. Extensions and additions to your current facilities are cheaper than constructing a new building. We can even make sure that it looks brand new by revising the interior and exterior to make everything look flawless. You can also ask us to adjust the floor plan to incorporate the new space with the existing floor plan.

If you want to expand your facilities and want to learn more about our services, contact us today for a free assessment.

Adding Complementary Facilities

custom facility expansion

Do you need to install an additional facility to support your silo buildings? Do you need to improve your current facilities? No matter where you need to build extensions and what they’ll be used for, we can help you.

As businesses grow, they need buildings that can expand with them or new buildings that will match their growth. We can assess your current space, recommend what additions can be done, and how the final building will look like and function. We can even add personal touches that will make the building look unique.

Let our experts help you see how your business will grow through the buildings that we can construct or expand for you. You’ll also see how these buildings can save you time and money. We will also deliver structures that are of high quality and effective.

Free Consultation Today

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Once you decide that you want us to construct your silo buildings or any other projects for you, rest assured that we will take care of everything for you. We know that these buildings are crucial for your operations and they have to function well for you. We will assess your current facilities and see if we can expand it with new additions to make it more functional for your business even up to the future.

From extensions to new buildings, our Wheaton experts can provide complete construction services and management. We will help you design your ideal building and manage the construction project on your behalf. We will make sure that everything is done correctly, on-time, and within your budget.

Call Direct Steel and Construction at (815) 421-1334 for a Free Consultation!