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Crete Building Construction Company

Get the best building constructed which will fit your needs with the help of Direct Steel and Construction.

Commercial Building Construction

Building construction requires a lot of time and planning, which can affect business operations if not managed well. With our help, we can organize everything your business construction needs, from the design to on-site management. We will work with you to get the perfect building for your needs and ensure that it will grow with you.

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We will also use the latest updates in building technology to ensure your buildings are environmentally-sound, multifunctional and cost-efficient.

Ask our Crete experts today to see how Direct Steel and Construction can help you out.

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Benefits of New Building Construction

If you want to move out of your current building to save up on rent or need a new building to fit your growing business, you may want to consider building a new building with us.

New building construction company

If you build a new building rather than rent one, you can save up on real estate expenses like rent, maintenance costs, and other related expenses. It is also often difficult to find the right spaces that would work perfectly for your business and if you do find them, the rent can be very high.

We can construct buildings for any business and purpose, both commercial or residential.

custom commercial industrial building construction

We can sort out everything during your building construction project. We are focused on ensuring that your goals are met during the construction process, as well as the schedule, budget, and safety you need for these buildings. We sit down with you to provide you with a clear financial assessment of the entire construction project cost with our help versus renting a building from a landlord.

You can get a free consultation from us when you reach out and we will give you the perfect building for your needs.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

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To help with our projects, we have pre-engineered metal pieces that can be adjusted once we design your building.

These parts are sorted out outside the site, reducing the construction time on the site. They are durable compared to wood and they do not require too much maintenance through time.

unique exterior finish for steel building

We can build structures without columns to ensure buildings come with larger floor spaces. Since we can work with large spaces, we can accommodate any business function and group. Larger floor space is perfect if you will use to store large equipment and machinery. It is also great for various industries and manufacturing companies.

When you get metal buildings for your projects, it will add style in its exterior. We can add any design to your buildings and ensure that it remains functional for your needs.

Building Additions & Expansions

commercial building addition

If you have an existing space that you want us to modify, that is not a problem. We can look into the structure and see how we can expand it to incorporate all the functions you intend to include in your space. We can even recommend what structures to add and how many items are needed to do the restructuring to fit your needs.

What’s great with our building additions and expansions is that you can customize the space further as time passes on.

Our foundations for success

Our Crete, IL team of building construction experts are ready to work with you to develop functional spaces that will support your business growth. The team will also help you see what materials will be used and how the building will look like once it is finished.

Your needs and preferences will be considered throughout the building process and ensure that it will compliment your business. We cannot wait to work with you and be the building construction company that you trust.

Full-Service General Contractor

Here in Direct Steel and Construction, we will be with you in every step of the project.

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When we receive your request, our contractors and project managers will assess the site and review with you what things can be done for your project. From the budget, materials, suppliers to the finalizing of your project, we will sort it out for you. We will even work on the permits needed for your construction to be done.

If your construction deals with negotiations with multiple suppliers, we will step in to represent you. This will ensure that you don’t have to deal with them personally and work on ways to get them to provide you with a discount.

custom interior design

We will make sure that each project will be completed on time and within your budget and preferences. You will also be involved in the project even while we handle everything on the site. We will also do the interior and exterior design of the building, as well as customize it to fit your style.

Whatever business or facility you need, we can build it.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

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When you reach out to us here at Direct Steel and Construction, we will be with you during every step of the construction process. From the designing process to monitoring your construction, we will be with you in every step of the project. We also guarantee that your buildings will be done efficiently and accurately while still under your budget. We can work with any business needs and goals.

Our buildings, regardless of their material, are durable, flexible, cost-efficient, and environmentally-friendly. If you want to revise its functions, it is possible without spending too much on renovations. We can even expand your current Crete buildings without having to take down walls to make way for them.

Contact us today to learn how we can make craft custom buildings that match your needs perfectly!

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