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Marengo Commercial General Contractor

Getting the perfect commercial building for your unique business needs is easier when you work with Direct Steel and Construction, your Marengo commercial general contractor!

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We streamline and manage every phase of your commercial construction project. From initial planning to design, permitting, pre-construction, building, and finishing, we work as your customer advocate. We manage sourcing materials, project flow, hiring specialists and trade contractors, and ensuring that your desires and original vision are realized throughout all stages of the project.

Many people consider metal buildings to be just big rectangles with steel panels on the outside, but that is far from the case. Recent improvements in building technology make it easier than ever to get attractive, functional facilities that meet the space requirements of your business. Direct Steel and Construction designs cohesive and complementary commercial spaces that suit the personality and needs of your business and staff.

Whether you are considering an expansion or addition to your current facilities, building a new facility from the ground-up, or are considering additional structures for your complex, we make sure your project goes smoothly from day 1 to move in. Our construction general contractors focus on providing structures built to last a lifetime.

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Virtually Unlimited Building Design Options

Steel buildings provide a lot of benefits over wood and other traditional building materials. With unlimited size and shape options, we can deliver the ideal space to support your business goals and processes.

commercial general contractor construction projectSteel framing can be used to support much larger structures without requiring support beams, allowing much greater uninterrupted floor space and vertical height than with other building materials.

Whether you need a lot of height, a unique shape, or an impressive curved structure, we can accomplish your vision with steel building materials. We can also assist with interior finishing, leaving you with a completely finished facility that is move-in ready.

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Exterior finishing for metal buildings has come a long way. Instead of picking from a few colors of corrugated steel panels, you can get virtually any exterior styling you desire, from stucco to brickwork. This allows us to provide better cohesion for additions while still maintaining all of the desirable attributes a steel building provides, from environmental friendliness to cost efficiency.

Whatever your design ideas, Direct Steel and Construction considers the best possible building materials and processes for your unique Marengo, IL project. Our general contractors are focused on making your vision a reality, and promote your ideas and support your goals every step of the way.

For All Business & Building Types

As commercial contractors, we have developed facility solutions for many different business and building types.

on-site construction project managementWe have worked with commercial clients looking for industrial facilities, educational buildings, church and government facilities, restaurants and retail spaces, warehouses, distribution and manufacturing facilities, transportation and garages, multi-family housing, recreational facilities, and more.

We focus on creating buildings that are energy-efficient, cost-effective, attractive, and environmentally sound. Whatever your business requirements, we work within them so you know exactly what to expect when the project is complete.

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Steel buildings don’t have the same limitations as other building types, allowing us to perfectly customize your structure to your equipment, processes, workflow, customer needs, and goals. You tell us what you envision; we make it happen with skill, speed, and efficiency.

Whatever your unique business or needs, our dedicated and experienced commercial building general contractors have the right plan, process, and partners to deliver effective facility solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Managing The Entire Construction Process

As your Marengo commercial general contractor, we coordinate your project from conception to completion.

curved building in constructionIt all starts with a discussion about your facility needs, business operations, workflow and processes, and budget to help determine what type of structure will best suit you.

Our team works with you directly throughout the entire process, assisting with budget analysis, preliminary scheduling, scope clarification, and on-site supervision. This hands-on approach allows us to deliver a successful outcome for your construction project.

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We design our project management services around the five pillars of a well-planned construction project. We work hard so that every aspect of your project is in line with your project scope, budget, schedule, desired quality, and that safety measures are taken and legal requirements met.

From the planning stages to implementation and finishing, we facilitate your construction project from the ground up, turning your empty lot into a functional workspace that is ready for business.

We Make It Easy For You

As your owner’s representative throughout your project, we work with vendors, contractors, and outside suppliers on your behalf.

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We manage scheduling, planning, and all on-site management and day-to-day operations of your construction project. This also may include handling any permit applications, securing and reviewing trade contractor bids, and negotiating the best possible value throughout the process.

Our experience as commercial builders allows us to make smart recommendations based on your needs. When you tell us what you want to accomplish with your project, we can suggest processes, materials, and designs that you may not have considered that will perfectly suit your needs.

custom completed metal buildingDirect Steel and Construction is dedicated to delivering high-quality, effective, and functional spaces that support your business operations, are logically and systematically designed for maximum efficiency, and ultimately meet your needs and desires regarding aesthetics, design, and budget.

If you are looking for a dedicated commercial construction company that will provide expert general contractor services, including working as your ambassador when dealing with suppliers, contractors, and regulatory agencies, Direct Steel and Construction is the right partner for you.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Marengo Commercial General Contractor ds logo 300x107As commercial general contractors, we understand the potential pitfalls of managing a construction building project, especially for a business owner. You need to focus on maintaining operations during this transition. Working with one of our experts allows you the freedom to keep your business running smoothly while we coordinate all of the day-to-day management of your construction project.

Our industry insight and expertise allows us to negotiate better rates, select the right suppliers, and utilize the ideal materials for your unique needs. When you need a partner to get the job done right, on time, and within budget, trust the professionals at Direct Steel and Construction for your next Marengo commercial building project!

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