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Wayne Commercial Building Additions

Expand your current facilities, improve efficiency and productivity, and ultimately create a more effective workspace with commercial building additions by Direct Steel and Construction!

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As commercial building contractors, we can expand your current facilities to better meet the needs of your growing Wayne business. Whether you are looking for building additions or expanded facilities and additional out buildings, we structure solutions that are ideal for your needs and business.

The latest advancements in manufacturing technology have greatly expanded the options available for steel buildings. You can now get any exterior finish, meaning that steel building additions can not only be cost-effective and highly-functional, they can also be completely cohesive with the exterior styling of your current facility.

Let our experts explain exactly what you can expect from a custom commercial building addition by Direct Steel and Construction!

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Expanding Your Current Facilities

If you own your own building, however the current facilities are no longer meeting your needs, then building additions by Direct Steel and Construction may be the right choice for you.

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We can completely customize your building addition, including adding warehousing space, manufacturing facilities, recreational areas, or even large-volume spaces including those with large height or floor space requirements.

Creating an addition for your current facilities can be much less expensive than completely fabricating an entirely new building, and we can create a cohesive interior and exterior so no one could ever tell it was an addition to the original structure. We can even assist with reconfiguring your floor plan to better flow with the addition, allowing your current space to more fluidly incorporate the additional space.

If you are considering expanding your facilities and would like to learn more about how our commercial building experts can save you time and money with durable, attractive metal buildings, reach out now for a free consultation.

Adding Complementary Facilities

Do you need additional buildings to support your Wayne, IL business? Whether you require additions to your current structure, are looking for complementary structures from warehouse space to additional offices, recreational facilities, or have other needs requiring restructuring your facilities, we can help.

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Many businesses find that as their business grows and operations expand, they require additional buildings to help support their core processes. We can analyze your current space, discuss your needs, and help to conceptualize and deliver structures that are not only functional, but cohesive with the exisiting facilities within your complex. Metal buildings can be skinned with precast, siding, brick, block, or corrugated steel for a cohesive and professional look.

When your business requires more space than before, let our experts help you conceptualize new structures and additions that improve functionality and efficiency for all of your business operations. We can save you time and money while working within your project budget to deliver high-quality, effective structures.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Wayne Commercial Building Additions ds logo 300x107As your building expansion construction company, we understand how important it is to create facilities that work for you. When your business grows beyond the means of your current space, that doesn’t mean you need to purchase a completely new structure. We can discuss how your existing space can be modified with smart additions that can accommodate your Wayne business now and in the future.

From building additions to new facilities, our experts provide complete construction services and project management, assisting you from conceptualization to implementation and managing all the day-to-day operations of your project. For a construction project that is done right, on time, and within your budget, trust the experts at Direct Steel and Construction.

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