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Esmond Commercial Builders

Do you need an expert commercial builder to manage your next Esmond construction project? Whether you are looking for a new structure, an interior build-out, or a building addition, commercial construction company, Direct Steel and Construction is here for you!

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As your custom commercial builders, we coordinate your entire construction project, assisting with design, planning, fabrication, and on-site management. From creating an entirely new commercial space to current facility expansion, our professional builders work with you so you know you are getting the ideal facilities for your unique business needs.

Direct Steel and Construction offers many benefits as your commercial builder. Aside from our start-to-finish project management, we focus on delivering buildings that are attractive, cost-effective, environmentally-sound, and energy-efficient. We know that your building is a reflection of your organization, as well as greatly impacting the efficiency of your operations.

Our custom builders work hard to deliver a finished facility that suits your business needs, operations, and future growth goals.

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Benefits of Building Construction

Is your lease on your current Esmond, IL business facilities expiring, or are you searching for a viable alternative commercial space? Many business owners are discovering that leasing commercial property isn’t as cost-effective as they orginally thought, and are making the switch to creating their own facilities that better suit their business needs, processes, equipment, and goals.

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Financial analysis of owning your own facility vs. leasing repeatedly shows that business owners that own their buildings reduce their annual real estate related expenses, are able to take control of real estate costs and avoid the annual 3% average rent increases, all while adding to their net worth, instead of their landlords.

As business needs change, it can be increasingly challenging to find commercial space that truly suits the specific needs of your growing business. Owning your own facilities allows you to adjust layout, floor plans, or even add additional space as needed to support new, varied, or expanded business operations, making it a much more flexible option.

Functional Space For All Business Types

We help all organization types create the ideal space to call home to their business operations.

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We create functional and attractive office buildings, warehouses, garages, retail stores, restaurants, workshops, airplane hangers, metal barns, manufacturing facilities, industrial spaces, storage spaces, religious buildings, institutional spaces, recreational facilities, and many other custom building types.

We not only provide full building construction, we also provide interior build-outs, working with your shell facility to finish your space for your business operations. We assist with floorplan development, layout, construction, and all finishing to create effective, productive commercial space.

Our commercial building professionals focus on structuring solutions throughout the entire commercial construction process. We align your goals regarding scope, schedule, quality, budget, and safety with our construction plan, allowing us to confidently move forward in a direction we are both comfortable with.

We would be happy to further explain the benefits of building your own commercial space with Direct Steel and Construction over renting facilities from a landlord.

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Esmond Commercial Builders ds logo 300x107Direct Steel and Construction are your experienced Esmond commerical builders. From commercial general contractor servies and project management, we facilitate every aspect of your new building construction project or commercial addition with skill, speed, and accuracy.

Whether you are just considering the prospect of building your own commercial space, are running out of time on your lease, or are ready to move forward with a new commercial construction project, we can help. Let our commercial building experts show exactly what we can deliver for you!

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