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Wheaton Commercial Garage Construction

on-site construction project managementSome of the best businesses started their brand in garages, and if you have a big fleet of vehicles under your wing, a garage is important. If you need someone to build it for you, we are ready here at Direct Steel and Construction.

Our Wheaton team will coordinate with you in every step of the construction, from the design to the management of the project. We will also represent you when discussing the materials and equipment needed for the project. Your business goals will be met in our final project, and it will also be cost-effective and environmentally-sound at the same time.

Your deadlines will also be met to ensure that you can use the garage immediately once we are finished.

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Considerations in Commercial Garage Construction

If you are planning to build a garage for your business, there are many things to consider before you seek someone who can help you to construct it. Aside from its exterior design, here are the other things that you have to consider in your garage construction project:

1. Size – How many vehicles do you want to store in the garage?
2. Detached or Attached – Do you want the garage connected to your facility, or should it be far away? If you are using the garage for business, such as an auto repair shop or a car showroom, it must be connected with your offices.
3. Material – How secure should the garage be, and do you want it to be easy to maintain?
4. Garage door – Do you want the garage door to raise automatically, or do you want it to be the old-style garage doors which swing out?
5. Use – Will the garage be used as a parking area, or will it double as a work area? Do you need ventilation for the garage?

Our Wheaton, IL team can guide you through the entire process of constructing your garage by assessing what your space is, what your business needs, and what budget you have for the project. If you don’t know which ones to pick, we can help you out.

Garage Additions and Expansions

commercial construction companyIf you have an existing garage for your business and would like to accommodate more cars for your business, we can do it for you easily.

We can assess the current space and add the additional structures necessary to make it more functional and accommodate more vehicles to suit your needs. We can also customize the existing space to fit your other needs.

As a trustworthy construction company, we guarantee that our builders will create functional spaces that will match your business needs. We also make cohesive spaces that match your current area and help you reach your business goals.

Full-Service Construction Company

Here at Direct Steel and Construction, we do our best to make the project hassle-free and stress-free for our clients by offering our entire team at your disposal in every step of the project.

Our Wheaton contractors and project managers will assist you immediately when you send a request for consultation, from the design of the project, scope of the project, budget, schedules, permit applications, negotiations to the supervision of the construction.

We can also represent you in negotiations, especially when talking to various companies and contractors. We will make sure that the materials and other items needed in the construction are of high quality and within your budget. Everything will also be met, including your business goals and coordination with all the teams to get the project on time.

When the project is over, the space we will create is functional and attractive at the same time. It will also suit your brand and help it stand out from its competitors.

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Wheaton Commercial Garage Construction ds logo 300x107If you need a trustworthy and dedicated commercial construction company to work on your building projects, you can trust our team at Direct Steel and Construction.

We are a full-service construction company that can manage every aspect of your construction project, and we will do it accurately while ensuring everything is on time. All your business preferences and goals will be considered to achieve the perfect building that is based on your standards.

Contact our Wheaton team today to find out how we can achieve your business goals with your new facilities that we will build for you.

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