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Hoffman Estates Commercial Construction Company

Create a highly-functional, highly-customizable workspace ideal for your Hoffman Estates business needs with custom metal buildings by commercial construction company, Direct Steel and Construction!

Commercial Building Construction

We expertly coordinate every aspect of your commercial construction project, from design and planning to custom fabrication and on-site management. From creating an entirely new space to expanding your current facilities, we work alongside you so you are confident you are getting the right facilities for your unique business.

There are many benefits to using Direct Steel and Construction for your next commercial building project.

commercial construction company

We understand that you need your building to be functional, and want it to be attractive as well, all while meeting your budget. We focus on creating buildings that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, environmentally-sound, and aesthetically pleasing.

Timelines are important to us, as well. We understand the value of sticking to a strict project schedule, and work with you to make sure all elements needed to complete your project are sourced during the preliminary phase of construction.

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Benefits of New Building Construction

Is your lease expiring? Are you considering building your own facilities instead of renewing or searching for an alternative viable (and available) commercial space?

New building construction company

Why you should build your own workspace over renting one? Often, financial analysis of owning vs. renting shows that business owners are able to reduce annual real estate related expenses, take control of real estate costs like avoiding the annual 3% rent increases, and build their net worth. Also, it is challenging to find space that truly suits the unique needs of your business. Custom industrial space can be especially challenging to source.

We work with many different business types looking for the ideal space to call home to their company.

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We create attractive and functional office buildings, warehouses, workshops, garages, retail stores, restaurants, airplane hangers, metal barns, industrial spaces, manufacturing facilities, storage spaces, religious buildings, recreational facilities, and many others.

We facilitate every aspect of your new building construction project. We are focused on structuring solutions throughout the commercial construction process, aligning with your goals regarding scope, schedule, quality, budget, and safety. We can assist with doing a break-even analysis to help you understand the full financial benefit of building your own space with Direct Steel and Construction over renting from a landlord.

Just reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss your options, and what we can do to deliver the ideal commercial space for you.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Looking for a fast and effective new building installation? Our pre-engineered steel buildings are a great resource for those looking to save money while maximizing their space.

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Metal buildings are fast to construct, and many of the elements can be configured off-site, reducing on-site construction time substantially. Longer lasting than wood structures, they also require less maintenance and have a much higher fire resistance.

We are also able to build without columns, allowing you much great flexibility and clear space than other traditional structures. With no maximum size on our buildings, we can accommodate any occupant or purpose. This greater interior space makes it easy to store large machinery, equipment, and storage devices, and is perfect for industrial and manufacturing spaces.

unique exterior finish for steel buildingMetal buildings also provide great versatility for your exterior aesthetics as well. We have the ability to create virtually any exterior finish including brick, stone, or concrete with steel structural materials, giving you even more flexibility in design and functionality.

Whatever your desires, we deliver attractive, efficient, and custom-designed commercial facilities that are perfectly aligned with your business processes and needs. The commercial construction experts at Direct Steel and Construction look forward to effectively managing your next Hoffman Estates, IL commercial building project.

Building Additions & Expansions

Make your existing space more functional and accommodate your growing business with steel building additions and expansions.

commercial building addition

Do you already have your own building and are hoping to expand? We can build additions to your current structure, create additional structures to expand your facilities, or assist with restructuring your facilities to better suit your needs.

Do you need additional warehouse spaces, specialty facilities, or want to expand your offices? Custom commercial building additions let you customize your space to work for you.

Our foundations for successAs a full-service commercial builder, we work with you to develop effective, functional spaces that support your business activities and processes. The team of designers, architects, and craftsmen all work together along with you to determine the right building structure, materials, and finishings.

We listen to your needs, consider the aesthetics and style of your existing structure, and create cohesive spaces and facilities that complement your current space while expanding your business potential. We look forward to working with you as your preferred commercial building company.

Full-Service General Contractor

As a full-service commercial construction company, we assist with your entire construction project.

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Our general contractors and project managers assist with review and understanding all of the details of the project, including an analysis of the budget, preliminary scheduling, clarification of the project scope, facilitating permit applications, sourcing and securing competitive contractor bids, and on-site supervision and project management as needed throughout.

We are your advocates throughout the process, working as an owner’s representative during negotiations. This means that you don’t have the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors and companies to get your project completed.

custom interior design We make sure everything is completed properly, on-time, and within budget, thoroughly and effectively coordinating your project on your behalf.

Our goal is to structure solutions that work for you, delivering an attractive and productive workspace that meets your needs and style both inside and out. From retail to warehouses, and everything in between, we create facilities that perfectly suit the personality and needs of your business and brand.

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Hoffman Estates Commercial Construction Company ds logo 300x107Direct Steel and Construction is your dedicated steel building provider and commercial construction company. From general contractor and project management services, we manage every aspect of your new commercial building construction or addition with speed, skill, and accuracy. We always work with your business needs, processes, and goals in the forefront.

Metal buildings are more versatile, durable, environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient than wood and other construction materials, making them a sustainable and appropriate choice for many different business types and locations. No longer constrained to standard barn or rectangular style structures, we can construct metal buildings of any shape, size, style, or function.

Let our Hoffman Estates experts show exactly what we can deliver for you!

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