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Union Commercial Metal Buildings

Get the commercial facility your growing business demands with attractive commercial metal buildings by Direct Steel and Construction!

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Many people think of metal buildings as rectangular structures with steel corrugated panels on the outside. While that is what many steel buildings look like, there are many other options outside this stereotype!

Commercial metal buildings can be crafted in many different styles and finishes, allowing you to perfectly customize your business to your needs and aesthetic desires. We can design custom structures that are cohesive and coordinating with your existing structures, or craft completely unique structures based on your ideas and desires.

Providing high-durability, longevity, versatility, energy-efficiency, and speedy assembly, metal buildings are a must for business owners who can’t afford and can’t afford to wait for traditional building construction.

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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Expedite your Union construction project with pre-engineered steel buildings and structures! You don’t have to compromise on customization or quality to get a steel building manufactured quickly, and that is only one of the many benefits.

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Metal buildings are designed to exacting specifications, which means that there are seldom delays. We are going into your project with many of the elements already fabricated and ready for installation, all that is required is the physical installation and labor. Because of our attention to detail and ability to pre-plan your construction, we are able to utilize less steel due to waste reduction efforts, which also means lower costs for you.

custom steel buildingOur buildings also last longer than wood and other materials, is pest-resistant, weather-resistant, and fire-resistant, meaning a lower risk of damage and maintenance costs as your structure ages. Steel is also infinitely recyclable without losing any strength, making it one of the sturdiest and most environmentally sustainable building materials possible.

Metal building construction by Direct Steel and Construction is fast, affordable, and high-quality. We look forward to showing you exactly how much time and money you can save with a custom commercial metal building.

Customized Exterior & Interior

Metal buildings don’t have to be boring and bland. We can design your custom metal structure exactly as you desire, with even greater customization and versatility than traditional building materials.


The exterior of your building can be completely customized to your desires. From curves and slopes to more traditional spaces, extreme heights to various finishing materials, we create a building that is both highly-functional and attractive. Whether you are looking for wood, glass, stucco, brick, or a steel exterior finish, we will deliver it for you.


Your interior space provides just as much versatility and room for customization. Steel beams are able to span greater distances without requiring interior columns, meaning more usable floor space and greater flexibility in floor plans. This allows us to effectively create interiors that work for any business type, from offices to recreational facilities, warehouses, storage, retail, restaurants, and more.

Professional Commercial Contractors

As your professional commercial metal building contractors, we are dedicated to high-quality steel building engineering.

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Direct Steel and Construction manages every aspect of your metal building construction project, working with you from site selection to creation of a move-in ready facility. We work with architects, building designers, consultants, expert fabricators, tradesmen, and you to integrate our leading suppliers best technology to create well-designed buildings and eco-friendly construction.

completed metal building constructionWe assist with budget analysis and site selection, preliminary scheduling and planning of your construction project, sourcing and fabricating raw materials and steel structure, securing and negotiating contracts and bids, as well as day-to-day on-site maintenance of your overall project.

We focus on delivering high-quality structures that are affordable, functional, and attractive. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and staying under budget, and make that part of our measure of success. We can’t wait to successfully complete your next Union, IL commercial building project.

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Union Commercial Metal Buildings ds logo 300x107If you are looking for a metal building company that provides attractive, functional, and affordable solutions for your commercial space needs, Direct Steel and Construction is the right partner for you. With decades of experience structuring steel building solutions for clients in all verticals, including warehousing and industrial, education, institutional, religious, retail, restaurant, and more, we are fully prepared to tackle even the most complex structures with speed and skill.

For custom metal buildings that look great, meet your Union company needs, and provide a safe and functional work space that improves the efficiency of your daily operations, trust the metal building professionals at Direct Steel and Construction.

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