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DeKalb County Construction Project Management

Want your next construction project to be as painless as possible? Trust the construction project management experts at Direct Steel and Construction when you want your DeKalb County commercial construction project to be done right, delivered in your timeframe, and within your project budget.

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We believe in structuring solutions that fit your needs, whether you need a new facility built to the specifications of your unique business, an addition to improve the efficiency or functionality of your existing space, or additional out buildings to support operations. From the initial stages of preliminary project planning through to final interior finishing and move-in ready condition, we manage every stage of your commercial construction project.

Acting as your construction managers, we source materials, trade labor, and facilitate required permits to keep the project moving smoothly throughout. Our experience as construction project managers means that we are able to negotiate better pricing, work with proven to be reliable labor, and utilize the skills of our professionals to deliver custom commercial buildings quickly, safely, and efficiently.

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The Right Building For Your Business

Your business needs the right facilities in order to maximize efficiency, productivity, and profitability. To get the right building constructed, you need to work with the right commercial construction company.

custom restaurant building construction management

We view your space and your current facilities if existing, then discuss your needs, equipment, and processes. Once we understand how your business operates, what you would like to change, what you want to keep the same, and your budget and desires for interior and exterior finishing, then we can create a plan for your construction project.

Custom Design ChurchOur talented DeKalb County, IL team understands the different types of materials and how they can most efficiently be used to create a working space for you. Our steel buildings are custom and ideally crafted for any business type, including retail facilities and restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, industrial spaces and warehouses, office buildings, religious facilities, and more.

We would love to discuss your ideal commercial space. You may be surprised by what our experienced team is able to create with your budget.

Done Right, On-Time, & On Budget

As your professional commercial building project manager, we work for you to keep your project moving according to time frames, that all tasks are completed in a safe manner and in accordance with the scope of work, and is the highest level of quality materials and finishings that your budget allows.

custom metal building construction project

We take pride in creating beautiful and functional commercial spaces that suit your needs and meet your aesthetic desires. Metal buildings can be constructed with many different finishes inside and out, allowing you to completely customize your space to your desires. We help manage this process, providing smart solutions, affordable alternatives, and a vast catalog of past projects to help give you some creative ideas.

If there is a problem that arises during your construction project, we take care of it on your behalf. If we need your assistance or for you to make an important decision, we will discuss the alternatives with you, and recommend the best course of action. This way, you can feel confident that you have a partner with your best interests at heart working as an intermediary between you and other contractors, tradesmen, and suppliers.

Our primary goal is to complete your construction project to a high-level of quality, using safe practices and materials, within your time frame, and on budget. We look forward to delivering the right building for you.

Full-Service Commercial Builders

We know the importance of a full-service partner working with you throughout every stage of your commercial construction project, and that is what our team of professionals deliver.

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We not only make sure you get a great looking building that works well for the needs of your business, we also manage all of the behind the scenes work and support needed to create that space.

Our construction managers assist with site selection, budget analysis, preliminary scheduling of materials and labor, clarification of project scope, permit application assistance, sourcing competitive trade contractor bids, as well as on-site supervision as needed throughout physical construction.

We work to make the building construction process as easy as possible for you, letting you make the fun choices like finishings and furnishings, while we do all of the hard work. We look forward to being your partner during the exciting process of creating the perfect commercial building.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

DeKalb County Construction Project Management ds logo 300x107Direct Steel and Construction is your commercial construction project management company, providing functional and attractive commercial spaces that suit the personality and needs of your DeKalb County business.

Not only do we work alongside you throughout your entire commercial project, working as your on-site representative, handling all of the day-to-day operations, we also with all other aspects of your project, from planning and building to design, permitting, negotiations, labor and material sourcing, and ensuring safety stays a high priority. Whether you know exactly what type of building you are looking for, or still in the early stages of selecting a site and determining appropriate layout and floorplan, Direct Steel and Construction is ready to source the right solutions for you.

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