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Grayslake Hangar Construction

Get the perfect hangar for your growing aviation or business needs with the help of Direct Steel and Construction.

When you say hangar, it should be a big warehouse with huge floor space for planes and large items or equipment. While steel buildings can help you get the floor space that you need, you can get the type of building that matches your preferences.

With our Grayslake team, you can get personalized hangars that will suit your business needs and style. We can even customize the structure in such a way that all your needs will be in one roof without breaking your budget.

If we construct your buildings, it’s guaranteed to be durable and energy-efficient; which are qualities that many businesses need in order to run their operations. It will also be finished before the set deadline.

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Pre-Engineered Buildings Ready

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Getting a pre-engineered building to create a hangar for your business is ideal if you are on a tight schedule. The quality is still top-notch and comparable to traditional buildings. You can also customize how it looks according to the style that you want.

Metal buildings are designed to fulfill a client’s specifications to make sure that the project will be finished on time. When you reach out to us, we’ll immediately prepare several sections of your hangar to make them ready to install. You’ll only need physical labor to sort them out. Our attention to detail guarantees that we won’t require too much steel to use. This will help you save up on construction material costs.

Metal buildings are also great because they last for a long period of time. It is pest, weather, and fire-resistant which can significantly lessen the need to pay for maintenance costs regularly. You can also recycle the parts easily in case you need to further expand your buildings.

Here at Direct Steel and Construction in Grayslake, IL, we can build any building you need efficiently and within your budget.

Expanding Your Hangar

If you already have a hangar available but it no longer suits your business, we can look into ways on how we can expand your current structure.

We can look into the floor plan and customize it to include new additions that you can use for other functions. We can even elevate the roof to match your large height requirements.

Adding new features to your current facilities is cheaper than constructing a new facility. We can revamp the entire building from the inside and out so no one can tell that it is the same structure. We will even help you organize the floor plan to include the additions and ensure that they’ll fit in your current space.

If you are considering doing an expansion and want to learn more about it, you can reach out to our experts who can advise you about the different facilities that we can add to your building. We will even discuss cost-efficient options to ensure that your metal buildings are durable and stylish. Our consultation services are absolutely free so you’re aware of what you’ll be getting before you sign us up to handle your hangar construction and other building projects.

Adding Additional Facilities

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Do you want to add new facilities to help you maintain or monitor your equipment? Whether you need additional buildings beside the hangar or new rooms to your current facility, we can help you out.

As businesses grow, their operations change and their current infrastructure need to expand to keep up with the demand. We can analyze your existing structure, discuss what things are needed to get the expansion done and come up with the best design for your space according to your needs. Our metal buildings can be modified to suit any material that you want to use for the building’s decoration.

Our Grayslake experts will show you how your buildings will be decorated to add new facilities and additional features that will improve the building’s functionality and efficiency. We will also help you get discounts and get the building done on time.

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As your friendly and all-rounded Grayslake construction company, we know that the facilities we’ll be making for you are essential for your business to grow. We will work alongside you to ensure that the buildings we’ll construct will fit your business and your needs. If you have an existing structure, we will take a look at it and recommend the best modifications and additions to make it suitable for your current business.

No matter what you need for your construction project, our team can deliver and assist you in every step of the project. If you want a company that you can trust for your construction project, you won’t go wrong with us.

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